Vito Zuppardo Bio ImageVito Zuppardo started collecting pieces of information in 1986 from each trip to Las Vegas, Bahamas, Monte Carlo, and the other many casinos he represented. His main job was keeping his clients happy which was a full-time job while they were vacationing at luxury casino resorts.

Vito  is the author of 5 novels and started writing in 1996. His fist novel Alluring Lady Luck was based on true events from his 25 years in the casino business operating high limit gaming customers to various casinos around the world. Nevada Gaming Control said Vito Zuppardo was one of the most successful casino representatives in Nevada producing over 60 million dollars in revenue in three years. It’s his life adventures that make his books fun to read, and characters stand out.

Vito was born and raised in New Orleans and moved to Baton Rouge, after Hurricane Katrina.

Life is truly what you make of it.